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“A” players know other “A” players

IPG Staffing’s referral program rewards those who take the time to refer their friends and colleagues who are top talent to our firm.

New Business Referrals

New business referrals are HR executives, hiring managers, or internal recruiters whom you know personally and who are currently hiring for the types of positions we typically fill.

Job Candidate Referrals

Job candidate referrals are job candidates whom you know personally and whom you recommend for a specific job opening. Click here for our job openings.

Eligibility Requirements for New Business or New Job Candidate Referrals:
  • If your new business or job candidate referral leads to a candidate being placed in a position by IPG Staffing within 6 months of your referral, you will be awarded $275 for that referral (limit one referral bonus per lead). In addition to the referral bonus, you may be eligible for a supplemental bonus depending on the role. All awards are grossed-up, which means that the tax on the award is pre-paid and you retain the full amount of the award.
  • When starting to work with IPG Staffing, the candidate must indicate that they were referred by you in order to qualify.
  • Contract placements must work at least 520 hours to quality for the referral bonus.
How to Refer a New Business or Job Candidate Lead:
  • Complete the form below.
  • To qualify, you must have a personal or business relationship with the referred job candidate or business contact.
  • If your referral is a job candidate, indicate why you consider them an “A” player.

Your Contact Information:

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  •  Job candidate for a specific job New business lead

Referral’s contact information:

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