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Leverage Your Transferable Skills

Transferable skills are defined as “those verifiable and versatile skills that you can apply and make use of in a number of different roles, situations, and circumstances whether professionally or personally.”

Although transferable skills are not the same for everyone, everyone has them!

Why Are Transferable Skills Important to You?

Transferable skills, also referred to as “portable” skills, helps ensure your marketability, increases your professional competitive advantage, and eases your transition into any new role. If you plan to interview for new roles, employers frequently look for key words on your résumé that illustrate what your transferable skills are, and may ask how you’ve used them. It’s to your benefit to reflect on what yours are.

Below are examples of four transferable skill sets among different types of Petroleum Engineers:

The list above is not an exhaustive list, but let’s dive deeper into the three skills that are more broad, as noted in the list below:

Research & Planning Organization, Management & Leadership Communication
Forecasting Initiating new ideas Speaking effectively
Creating ideas and imagining alternatives Handling details Writing concisely
Identifying and Solving Problems Coordinating tasks Listen attentively
Developing Evaluation Strategies Delegating responsibility Expressing ideas
Identifying resources Teaching Facilitating group discussion
Gathering information Coaching Providing appropriate feedback
Solving problems Counseling Negotiating
Setting goals Promoting change Persuading
Extracting important information Selling ideas or products Reporting information
Defining needs Decision-making with others Interviewing
Analyzing Managing conflict Developing a point of view

How Can You Leverage Your Transferable Skills?

Our IPG Staffing consultants are here to help fuel opportunities for you throughout your career. When you are placed at one of our client companies as a direct hire or a contractor, you will automatically become eligible to participate in our FREE, quarterly webinars where many relevant topics will be discussed to help you succeed in your career!