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(B.W., IPG Staffing): “Two years ago you hired a manager through IPG Staffing. How is your work life now compared to two years ago before we found a candidate for you?”

(S.N., client manager): “Without a doubt my work life is easier than it was before I hired him two years ago. He has taken on more responsibility since then. The skills and the expertise that he brought to the company has definitely made a difference in my life and made it easier, so hands down I would say that is definitely the case.”

(B.W., IPG Staffing): “What about outside of work? Sometimes when your work life is a little bit easier you can focus on personal goals that you may not have had a chance to focus on before you got more time back in your life. When you think about the bigger picture of your life, have you been able to do that since he was hired?”

(S.N., client manager): “I definitely have. Before he was hired my days were exceptionally long. So definitely a positive impact on me at work but definitely also from a personal standpoint. Basically, I just don’t have to work as much as I did before!”

S.N. (Client)

Our Mission

Since 2014, our mission has been to empower every manager with the tools and resources to make their work life easier than it is today and still achieve individual and professional success.

We believe in working smarter, not harder.

We believe in working to live, not living to work.

We believe that time is your most valuable asset in life.


Management Tools and Resources Designed to Empower Every Manager

The way we empower every manager to make their work life easier than it is today and still achieve individual and professional success is by designing a world-class standard of management tools and resources to hire, develop, and retain the top 10% of talent who are available at all salary levels.

Executive Search and Staffing Services

Selection Process: Our selection process of candidates for our executive search and staffing services is more selective and more rigorous than most other executive search and staffing firms. Our “deep-dive” interview techniques yield more reliable and consistent data about a candidate’s potential for near-term success based on our analysis of patterns within their career over time. Instead of using canned interview questions that omit crucial information about a candidate, our search consultants are trained to use customized questions designed to yield hiring results that minimize firings and the substantial costs of mis-hires. By focusing on quality control in our selection process, we can present a short list of two to four candidates who reflect the top 10% of talent in the market available at all salary levels, who embrace the vision and principles of the manager and are self-motivated to execute the vision and principles.

Presentation of Candidates: The way our firm presents candidate profiles to managers is more comprehensive than most executive search and staffing firms. Rather than submitting a resume only, our candidate profiles include pertinent information in an easy-to-read format designed to empower you with information to make hiring decisions with confidence. In addition, since no candidate is perfect, we offer managers information about the final pool of candidates’ areas of development in an easy-to-use format designed to empower managers to proactively manage these areas for the individual they ultimately choose to hire.

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Other Services

Retention Consulting Services: Once managers have hired an individual or a team, the challenge shifts to retaining them in an increasingly competitive market. In addition to providing managers with in-depth analysis as to why their key individuals stay or leave based on in-depth interviews with senior management and key employees, we provide leadership-development tools and resources to help you explore new ways to inspire your team, which plays a key role in increasing retention rates. All of the data compiled is designed to empower you with information to increase your awareness of internal issues within the organization, to mitigate or resolve root-cause issues, as well as, tools to increase your leadership-development skills and ultimately make your work life easier than it is today.

Compensation Consulting Services: The oil, gas and petrochemical industries are dynamic. Due to many factors, it can be challenging to know how competitors are compensating their talent. Supermajors, small to midsize public and private companies, and private-equity backed companies all have different compensation strategies that impact your comparison of talent. We survey your niche within the oil, gas and petrochemical industries for detailed information on how competitors are compensating their talent. With this information, combined with our experience, we can assist you with engineering a unique, competitive and creative compensation plan to make your work life easier than it is today.

Integration-Due-Diligence Consulting Services for Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A): Challenges exist when two organizations become one. To make senior leaders’ and executives’ work lives easier than they are today and still achieve individual and professional success, we offer a comprehensive analysis of the cultural dynamics of the acquired organization, including how they operate, the manner in which they develop their talent, how they are motivated to succeed, and their executive management decision-making style. In addition, we also offer an assessment of the institutional strengths of the acquired company with side-by-side comparisons of the assessment results with the acquiring company’s institutional strengths to highlight overlaps or redundancies.

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IPG Staffing is an Equal Opportunity executive search and staffing firm. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or protected veteran status.